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New to SMF, some smoking experience

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Hi! I'm Derek, and though I've smoked in the past it's been a while. Being a southerner I grew up on barbeque, and living on the Puget Sound means it's hard to get decent barbeque of any kind (though Famous Dave's ain't bad as far as mass market BBQ goes), let alone my beloved Lexington style.

I owned a cheap ass charcoal bullet smoker years ago, but gave it up because it was a massive pain to use. It was poorly designed to start with, and there was nowhere I could use it without getting smoke in the neighbors houses - and 'disturbing' them with my smoke meant threats of violence, if not actual attempted violence. (It goes without saying that with their gigawatt stereos that they did not extend the same courtesy to me!)

Well, we live in a much better neighborhood now - one where the neighbors are more likely to show up with plates in their hands instead of baseball bats. (As well as being less crowded.) For Christmas, the LOML gave me permission to buy a new smoker. When it comes to guy toys, she gives me a 3x5 card with the item written on it - she trusts me not to blow the budget. (And dealing with the hassle of buying the wrong thing and doing returns just got to be too much.)

So, after much research, today I pulled the trigger on a 24 inch CCSV - it was one of the few available locally that I could put my hands on to examine in person, it's currently on sale, and I litterally could not find a bad review of it online.

Now I just have to wait for the weather to suck a little less to give my new toy it's first run! (Living in the great Pacific Northwet, hoping for it to suck a little less is about the best you can do most of the years.)
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Welcome to SMF...congrats on the new "toy"!!
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Welcome to the forum. How about a picture of that new toy?
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Welcome to the SMF. Alot of great knowledge within these walls. Look around,and don't forget the Qview.
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Welcome to the Family, hope to see some q-view from the new toy
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Welcome to SMF - the addiction begins! Lots and lots of friendly (unlike your ex-neighbors), knowledgeable people here.

Again, welcome

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Welcome to the SMF. I bet the love of your life will get as much enjoyment of that new toy as you can't go wrong presenting her with a plate of fresh smoked 'Que! Now that comes from the heart!
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Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you join us.
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LOL. She's pretty much as said that the reason she gave me the smoker was so she could get some real barbeque. Though she's a native of the Northwet, trips back to my native NC and the poor attempts I've made in my oven and grill have quite addicted her to the real McCoy. Which pretty much goes for most of my kitchen equipment. I'm a house husband and do the cooking, and she openly admits that giving me new kitchen toys is purely selfish on her part - because she likes good food! (She's put up with me for near to nineteen years, so I must be doing something right!)

Pics of the smoker coming as soon as I get some workshop space cleared, and hopefully some Q View by this weekend.
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Welcome to SMF, Derek! Congrats on the new rig. Let us know how your first smoke goes.
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Welcome Derek, glad you came aboard. As many others said, congrats on your new smoker, hope she works like a beauty.
I'm going to get some fencing and add a roof so when the wind and rain start blowin here in Jersey I can still smoke. Hopefully it will protect even in a blizzard.
Hope to see some Qview from you soon, the sooner we get to see pics means the sooner you got to use your new baby.
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Welcome to SMF
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Welcome to the SMF, glad to know you're in a more friendly hood. Sharing with neighbors is a good thing for all concerned. Smoke on!
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Welcome to the SMF and congrats on your new smoker.
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Q-(pre)View pics can be found here!
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Hello Elde------------;}-

Maybe you were'nt using the type of smoke they wanted in the old neighborhood?rolleyes.gif
Welcome to the forum and the new Hood.
Happy Smokes
Stan aka bbqfans
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome to the forums! That is a nice smoker, give us some qview.
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Howdy, welcome aboard!

i won't tell you about smoking in florida
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