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My First Fatty

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Decided to try a fatty today and my first smoked ribeye. I bought a pound of bratwurst and loaded it with onions, garlic, pepper jack cheese, and some mexican meat rub I got at a local mexican grocery store. For the ribeye, I just put on some olive oil and some lemon pepper.

Cooked the fatty to 165 and the ribeye to 140.

It was delicious. The ribeye was amazing as well.
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Grats on your first fatty, one of many to come I bet.
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Congrats on the fatty! You're on a roll now. I'm addicted to those things.
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Congrats on your first FATTY, you know it won't be your last. Ribeye is a great cut, enjoy the Q my friend.
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That fatty looks great! Lots of moisture there.
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First fattie came out looking great. Nice job!
Now I have to go grab a slice out of the fridge to appease my smoke addiction, though nothing like a nice warm fresh smoke.
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Nice job. Welcome to the club!
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Great looking first fatty congrats PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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very nice looking fatty

i need to smoke a few of those in a little bit
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That looks awesome. Just did my first fatty myself the other day. First of many to come. Maybe I should just go ahead and schedule a weekly visit with the heart doctor.

Congrats. Hope you do many more and post those picts too
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Congrats on your 1st fattie....Picture Perfect!!
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That just looks awesome. I gotta try a fattie.
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Congrats on your first fatty. How'd that ribeye turn out?

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