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Smoked Pork Loin

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Picked up a small Pork Loin yesterday and smoked it today. Just threw some basic spices on it last night and it sit in the fridge over night. Here is the loin going onto the smoker.

About 3/4 of the way done... Took it off to wrap it in foil the rest of the way.

Pulled it at 200* and let it sit in the foil for 20 mins before unwrapping and taking the 1st cut.

And the rest of the stuff... Baked Potato, Cornbread and the Meat.

It was VERY good, I smoked it for around 3 hours on 2 large chucks of Hickory, just wish I would of been able to keep more of the juice. But I think part of the problem with the juice was smoking it to 200* I wish I would of pulled it at 150-160.
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Man that looks good, mind having another guest over for dinner?

Not sure but just offering a suggestion, maybe let the meat sit longer resting under foil? Not sure if 20 minutes was long enough to allow the juices to meld back into the meat. I know it is that way with beef but I would assume pork would act similar. Also, I am a big fan of brining almost any piece of meat I cook except usually ribs and usually not pork either, though many people say to brine pork every time I tend to disagree, but maybe someone feels different and could offer more info for trapping in the juices.

Oh, by the way nick, good idea to stop by the roll call section and introduce yourself. Everyone here are extremely helpful and warm.
Hope I'm not overstepping my noobie boundaries with the roll call comment guys, just thought I would be helpful, and save someone else a few clicks on their keyboard. You never know, posti too much one day and your hands may not be able to grasp your tongs the next.
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It looks great! I like to pull mine at 175 for slicing!
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The unfortunate part of pork loin is it lacks fat. I have done a couple and both turned out a bit too dry, even at 165 degrees. Other than that, yours sure looks good!
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looks good , got me droolin PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Looks good, and gives me yet another idea for my crazy food blog!
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Well it may have been a bit dry but it looks shweeeeet. You get points for presentation. I have learned to pull my tenderloins and loins at 160 and wrap em up and let em rest. Since I did my first stuffed loin it's hard for me to get a loin in the smoker without makin it into Canadian Bacon or stuffin it. One other way I like em... smoke em to 140 and then when you want to eat it, slice it off and heat it on the grill or in a pan really quick.
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Looks really great! I pull mine at 150 and let it coast in a cooler for while.
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Thanks for sharing that loin Q my friend. I'm moving your thread to roll call, where you can have a warm welconme from all.
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Welcome to SMF. Nice job on the loin.
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Welcome aboard...Very nice picsPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
You got it....200 is a bit high, ya can lay some bacon across it too ta keep it more moist plus it'll give it a little more flavor.

Looks like a great meal!
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While I am still a Noobie - per the account rules I did have an account "Smokey101" but I can't log into it anymore and it says my email isn't valid to get the password back so I made a new account.

I'm ready to smoke again!
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