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Thermapen private sale

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$69 isn't a bad price.
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Thanks for posting this! I've been looking at them for a while, but the cost has been a big factor. Definitely makes it more doable. biggrin.gif
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Thermapens ROCK!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Thea are LIGHTNING fast and make a very small hole.

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God created smoking then He created the ET 73!
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I love my Thermoworks MTC!

The picture in the link is too funny! When was the last time you checked the temp of ribs? LOL
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The Thermapan and the ET-73 are different tools for different jobs. biggrin.gif

I have them both and use them both.

The Thermapen is not designed to monitor the temp of your smoker or to stick in a hunk of meat and leave it there. Likewise, it is a little hard to check temp in a grill full of steaks on the fly with an ET-73.biggrin.gif

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I gotta say I'm lovin my new super fast thermapen. I still use a wired thermometer but can now take very accurate spot checks from different points in the meat in mere seconds. Good for many applications in the kitchen as well. It was still expensive with the private sale but I'm glad I got one.
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I wish I could afford one right now. They look nice, I like the fact it would make a smaller hole than most probes.
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