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Slow cured ham almost proscuitto

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My local deli carries a smoked ham from Broadbent Farm in Cadiz, Kentucky that is heavenly. It is virtually a proscuitto. I am dying to try this for myself. Any ideas on how to duplicate this lovely ham?

This is the description: "A family-owned operation in Cadiz, Kentucky since the 1920s. At Broadbent, the legs of Kentucky raised, heirloom-variety Duroc pigs are slow-cured the old-fashioned way with salt, brown sugar and honey and then cold–smoked over hickory. The result speaks for itself: delicate, moist texture; sweet, smoky, savory flavors."
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Try this link for starters:

Hope this helps.
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Thanks and a further question

Thanks for the link. The article did not say the temperature in the area where the hams are to be cured.

I will do this next winter when I order my next 1/2 pig from our slaughterhouse. I had them smoke the hams this time and it is OK, but certainly not as good a smoked ham as I have had elsewhere. So it is time to learn to do it myself.

With regards to that previously smoked ham, can I re-smoke it myself to improve the flavor and texture?
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Sure's a link to bubba's double smoked ham:
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Thanks; Whew, does that ham look GOOD
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Funny you should mention the slow smoked hams. I just started my first ones a couple of weeks ago. They are currently being salt cured in the refrigerator. I'll be hanging and cold smoking them in a couple of weeks.

I'm trying to record everything I do so I can learn the process. I'll post a series of pictures when they come out of the cold smoke if it would be helpful.

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That would be great Al!
BTW welcome to SMF...make a post in Roll Call so that everyone can give ya a warm welcome.
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Thanks for the welcome Gene.

I think I'll head over and introduce myself right now!
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I've been curing one since December. I used the recipe below:

A quicker method is also done using this recipe.
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Danger Dan,

Thanks for the pics and the links,

Just about the same thing I did except for the juniper and pepper.

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