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Oklahoma-how do YOU pronounce it? PG-13

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SPEW/DROOL ALERT WARNING!! swallow your drink now and cover your keyboard-you can always clean your monitor off but I ain't buying anyone a new keyboard!!!


How do YOU pronounce Oklahoma?
Do you think it's correct?
There is a right way
and a wrong way to pronounce

The proper way is:


(There's a gap between the 'a' and the 'h')

I can prove it.......... .......

There, you learned something today!
I do love these educational postings....
Don't you?
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Man, I almost blew chunks all over my monitor when I saw that box with the little red x in it...

Seriously though, where'd the pic go...
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come on lets see the rest of the jokeicon_neutral.gif
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That sucks! No picture!!
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Here's the pic...i think

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yep!!! thats how i'd say it!!
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I think I would have to stutter Okla lalalalalalalalalalala homa
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Yep grothe, that be the one.

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Wasn't sure if that was the pic...don't think it qualifies for the "spew alert"....more like a "drool warning" LOL!!
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Okla Homa

Boomer Sooner!
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Pic showed up perfectly fine for me in Dutch's post.
I dunno. Glad you shared by the way.
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Can I pretend to be blind? That way, I can check that braille!! Hehe...Dang!

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You mean there were words in the post???
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yumm-I like that-I want more states
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I need a new and better dictionary...
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Thanks Dutch!!biggrin.gif
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