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Sam's Rotisserie Chicken

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I get them in the raw state, pumped and rubed. They weighed in at 9.2 # total weight. Ask for the meat manager and explain you want them raw that you will be smoking them.

My new boss requested 2 Chicks smoked after telling her about smoking them. I told her they would be $10.00 a piece she didn't have a problem with that. I paid 4.95 + tax, 10.66.

They are huge, and I called Rudy's BBQ here and they said their whole chickens were 8.88, and they only weighed 2 #.

She called and said they loved it, sorry I don't have any finished pics the camera screwed up or more likely I did.
Here is a past pic of a Sam's chicken.

Anyway I gave her some samples of Buckboard bacon, Canadian bacon, and pastrami.

They only sampled the pastrami and promptly ordered 3 flats for next week. I can still get them for 1.39 a lb, and I am charging 7.00 a pound which will not make me rich after the shrinkage, but that's ok. Gives me something to do and a few dollars in my pocket and buy more meat.

Thanks for watching.
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Great idea to find a way for someone else to pay for your hobby.biggrin.gif Now just tell them they'll have to pay for the other supplies too.

Good luck have fun
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Keep it up Ron, and you'll need a larger smoker. Happy to see you're going to make a few bucks from your hobby.
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way to go Ron!
I do see a larger smoker in your future!
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Nice Ron, You will own another rib joint soon enough
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That's great Ron...keep up the good workPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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As always Ron, nice job!
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Nice job Ron!
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Looking great as usual. You are always coming up with something new and different to try. Thanks again.
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Ron, when you say "pumped and rubbed", do you mean they are injected? I'n not joking, just want to know what to expect next time I go to Sam's Club.
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I posted the lable before I think they are pumped or injected and I know they are rubed.
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