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Sportsman Warehouse

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SW is going out of biz and has marked down there smokers. I saw electric and propane. I imagine they will end up even lower. 10% off right now!
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It sounds like only some stores will be closing...

I had a link to their website & the various stores that were closing but it won't open now.
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mine is

The one in Edmond by Quail Springs is having the sale!
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Sportsmans Warehouse is not going out of business, they have changed ownership and a few selected stores are closing. Good news for stores that are not closing is that the new owner is a Canadian company that has many outdoors related business's; so the stores that are staying open will soon have more product choices in their stores.
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An undisclosable source from my local SW said they are closing 50 stores, and are waiting to see if that will be enough to keep them from filing chapter 11. currently almost all of their distributers are only shipping COD to them. This is why their stock is so horrid right now.
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I was in Sportsman's this afternoon and saw the list of closures and solds. They are closing 23 stores and selling 15. Ours is not affected by the change.
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Anyway the ones that ARE closing are having big sales. Mine is!

"The Midvale, Utah-based retailer, which sells fishing, hunting and camping gear, recently announced the 23 stores are being liquidated to reduce bank debt, while another 15 locations are being sold to Canadian enterprise UFA Co-operative Limited."
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Thanks for the link cajun. Looks like all WA ST stores are staying open for now. Maybe with this take over they'll have a better since of inventory and stocking.
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All of the ones in Montana are closing. Unfortunately, none of them have been in Great Falls so I rarely got to one (really liked them when I did) and probably won't get to any for the sales. They had a great selection of outdoor cooking items of all kinds. I want more Camp Chef stufffrown.gif.
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The ones in Montana aren't closing they are being sold to UFA co-op, so is the one we have in Fargo ND.
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Mine now has a big closing banner on the side
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That'd be great if thats how it works out. The article I read in our local paper said the Montana ones will be closed. This would be great if that is what happens, AND they keep them the kind of store they are.
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