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Whole Boneless Ribeye w/ Q-view!

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This came out awesome....my best smoke to date!

Ready for a good rub down

The rub...Thanks Bubba, this stuff is great!!

Ready for the smoker

Smoker running at 250*,2 hours in, the first mop w/ apple juice and JD

Smoked for 6 hours, pulled it out at 175* internal

Sliced like butter....could cut it with a plastic knife!!


Came out perfect....wouldn't chang a thing!!!biggrin.gif
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That looks awesome, Gene. Now I'm hungry. lol
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Great cut of meat Gene, and excellent looking Q too. Thanks for sharing the pics, now I'm going to try that cut.
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excellent job! nice looking Q for sure
a little too done for my liking but it sure looks delicious
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my butcher has these from time to time, I will have to try one, looks good
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Wow Gene...looks really tasty! Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gificon_cool.gif
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That is one hunk of beef. Good job.
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thats one bad piece a beef gene!!!! looks great, tell me did the beef dripping down on them spuds do anything for them??? just curious, if so i may put spuds in a pan below on mjy next rib roast... thks for sharing man!!! points from me!!!
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I stabbed em w/ a fork so the drippings would soak in a little, but your idea sounds better...biggrin.gif
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Oh man, Oh man that looks good. I have never paid attention or just missed a rib roast with no bones. Man that looks awesome!!

I have never tried or heard of the plowboys. I take it its really good?

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Yes it is!!
Here's where I got it:
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Wow! That looks great. Forget cutting it with anything, even a plastic fork, I would have gone caveman style and just chowed on a huge chunk of meat.
Great job!
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A+ Gene, great work!
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Great post. I did mine at Christmas with Bison. But yours looks sooo good!
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Gene - your rib roast smoke looks fantastic, I wouldn't have guessed it was your first attempt!!! Great looking plate of food, I'd pay to sit at a table with that in front of me! biggrin.gif
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That looks great. I have never smoked a prime rib, but I guarantee I'm going to. Simply amazing. points.gif

BBQ Eng.
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Boy that looks mighty tasty. Great Job!!!!
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Thanks everyone!!
It was awesome...can't wait to smoke another..great cut o' meat!
Think I'll follow erain's advice and pull it out at a lower temp next timePDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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X 2
Perfect donness for the wife but I like mine to have a little moo left biggrin.gif

Great Job wink.gif
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That was beautiful. Looks like it was a great price too!
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