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Hello Again

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I've been on here for a few months reading up and learning how to smoke meat. My problem was I didn't have a smoker until this weekend. Finally picked up a 40" MES from Sams and managed my first smoke over the weekend. Everyone loved it. Great way to start things off. Looking forward to learning more and cooking better in the future. Thanks to everyone for all the help.
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Hey fellow Gamecock and SC'ian. I am new to the forum and looking very forward to learning from so many masters... What did you smoke this past weekend?
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Congrats on the new smoker and the first smoke. Now we expect Qview tho biggrin.gif
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Now how bout some q-view?icon_smile.gif
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We smoked two 8 pound butts and some wicked baked beans. And I say WE very literally because I was sick on the couch all day and my wife graciously tended to the smoker all day for me. That being said the camera was out for that event. I'll take some pics next time.
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Well, congrats on the new MES. You're on your way to some great tasting adventures. It's all good my friend.
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Congrats on the MES. Glad it turned out well.
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Welcome back and congrats on the smoker!!
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Welcome and congrats on the new smoker.
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Good to see ya back and congratulations on the new smoker! Sounds like your smoke was a great success! Hope you are feeling better.
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Congrats on the MES, I hope you love it like I do.
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Welcome Back! I have heard nothing but good about the 40" MES. Be sure to post up some Qview
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Welcome back and congrats on the new smoker. It's just beginning, you know.biggrin.gif Like the rest of us, you'll be constantly thinking of things to smoke.
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Welcome and welcome back. I'm an new oldbie. Been smokin for a while but just got an MES last weekend. Also just joined SMF. Lot's a good stuff up in here!
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Welcome back, and congrats on the new smoker.
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