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Price of Baby Backs

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I've never bought much meat other than hamburger and chicken. What's a good price for baby backs? Best I have seen so far is $3.99 a pound. Is that a decent price? Another thing too, how many pounds are in a typical rack of ribs?

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Sam's had their baby backs for $3.49 this weekend......
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Sam's down here in Tampa, has them for $3.49 as well
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Best deal I got was @ Kroger last month. $1.99 a pound. Average weight is 3 pounds. BB's are expensive! BUTTS are the best deal on the Planet!!

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I agree, I got the same deal.
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My local butchers want $4.99/lb - needless to say, they can shove it! $3.99 is probably average. They're EXPENSIVE but done right, they're worth it. Ron and others always either know where/when to look or always get lucky and find good deals. No such luck for me though PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif .

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I also jump on them at $buck 99# at frys-butts 99# now-will pick up a few.
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I bought my first 3 racks of bb's at Sams for around $3.49/lb as others have mentioned. We have never had bb's before (always spare ribs) and after the meaty-ness on those bones, we won't be going back anytime soon to the spares.
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Best I've seen is 2.89/lb at Sams by the case or 3.99 at Food Giant.
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If I find baby backs for $1.99, I'm going to load up. Best I can find here is Sam's Club at $3.47.
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I think Kroger has them for $2.99 this week.
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They're usually about $2.99 here sometimes as much as $3.49 but I find em at $1.99 on occasion. A nice big freezer helps on the side!
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