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Rub too salty

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Did our first smoked chicken tonight, all the praise about brining was absolutely right. Amazing.

Decided to try the homemade Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning (we put this together yesterday for our pulled pork) as a rub. First thought was that the brining made the meat a lot saltier than we wanted, only to realize that it was only the meat near the surface that tasted salty. Check the recipe below, maybe we did something wrong? 20 Oz of Salt sure seems like a lot!

Got the recipe from this post... http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/sho...7&postcount=82

(Recipe for the Cajun seasoning)
20 oz box free flowing salt (Morton)
1 1/2 oz box ground black pepper
2 oz bottle ground red pepper
1 oz bottle pure garlic powder
1 oz bottle chili powder

Other than that, it was two big wins in a row. Pulled Pork yesterday and smoked bird tonight. rolleyes.gifAnyone else experience the same? Is the cajun Seasoning not fit as a rub?
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That sounds more like a seasoning than a rub. It wouldn't take very much of that to be too salty.
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That salt ratio seems out of balance to me. Of all the rubs I use, salt and fresh ground pepper are in equal amounts. This ratio has never had a complaint about being too salty. Just my experience.
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I never use salt in my rubs. I will salt the meat first before applying rub and just take out the salt all together in the rub mixture. That way I know exactly how much salt is going on the meat.

But yeah, that rub seems out of balance.
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Sounds like I mis-used the Cajun Seasoning, won't happen again. All part of the learning process, right?
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