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Buckboard Bacon

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Well after seeing some of the posts about buckboard bacon I finally got around to trying it out. I picked up some of the Hi-Mountain cure and picked up some boston butt on sales for $0.99 at a local store here. The hardest part about this entire project was waiting 10 days while it cured. I think after I'm done using all of the Hi-Mountain cure I'll try my own using TenderQuick, I've seen a few of you post using that, and the results look good.

So anyhow, I smoked this on Saturday following the Hi-mountain directions to a tee. I let it set overnight in the fridge, that was also very hard to do, as I wanted to slice it up and try it out! Sorry but I didn't get any pictures during the smoking process. I also picked up a new toy yesterday, a meat slicer from Cabela's. That thing is awesome, it'll also be very helpful when making jerky.

I ate my first helping of the bacon tonight, it was very good!! I think it could use just a touch more smoke, so next time around I may start the smoker a little earlier. Here's a few pictures of the final product!

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Bacon looks great and congrats on the slicer !!!
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You people are gonna make me fat...too much stuff I still want to try!
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Perfect looking Buckboard!
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Good looking bacon and a nice slicer too.
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