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Thanks. I also looked at the Gators pits, very nice units.

Nice info on the Bellfab unit, thanks.
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The Horizon was scheduled for delivery today. The bad thing is they put it on a big 48 footer and couldn't drive it down my street . I had arranged for them to use a straight truck and they screwed it up. Now they are suppose to be here tomorrow afternoon.
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That's gotta be killing you. I know you wanted to get your hands on that baby today! Be sure to post up a pic tomorrow.
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Easy-easy....... Deep slow breath, in............ouuuuuuttttttt

There, feel better?
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Well . . . we're waiting. biggrin.gif

Hopefully the reason you have not posted an update today is that you're too busy checking out your new

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I got it in and it is seasoning as we speak. It's more than I had hoped for, man this thing is a freakin beast. I'll do pics tomorrow night or Sat.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Really looking forward to them, congratulations!!
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