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No real purpose...

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The reason for this post is to get my post count off of 666. That just didnt look right.
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Waste of a # that you could have fun with Imho .
But then again I was married on January ,Friday the 13th back in '95 wink.gif
Three anniversaries in a row this year biggrin.gif
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Jumped right over it , ya did. Have a good one.
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The road from Cortez, Colorado to Hwy 40 in New Mexico used to be called Highway 666. People threw such a fit about it they changed it. Don't remember what it is now, but nothing evil, I know that!biggrin.gif
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Well if we are just adding to our post count here, I guess I will have to join in ;)
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OK works for me! Add one more to the counter. LMAO!!!!!
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I blasted thru my 666th post a while back but now alas I am once again heading towards hell in a bucket. It must be the devil in me. biggrin.gif
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I'll most likely post right through it without noticing, though if I do I may come back to this post to get the number up 1. 13 has always been the worst for me. Not sure if anyone else has it come up several times a day (atleast 13) ha ha, but seriously, anyone else have those re-occuring numbers?
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now alas i am once again Heading towards hell in a bucket-that is classic-LMAO
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