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your help wanted

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I plan on smoking a pizza and a meat loaf tomorrow. These are a few things that i have not smoked. After seeing a post yesterday suggesting we should step up and smoke something new or something that we've not smoked in sometime. Anyway has anybody got a few pointers to help me out. first do i need pans or trays under the pizza or meatloaf. next i have some that have holes in them to let smoke in and grease out. then with the pizza should i remove it from the pan. ok going to go any help that you give will help my belly. and we thank you
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Not knowing what type of smoker your using I can offer this. I have a GOSM Big Block gasser. I have done many a meat loaf. I will spray a bread loaf pan with some kinda of oil. Then put the meat mixture in it. Turn upside down tap til it comes free. Myself I put mine on parchment paper with a few holes to let the grease drain away. I usually run my smoker at 275 to 300 no low and slow on the loaf. After around 30 minutes I will baste with what ever sauce I am going to use. I cook til a internal temp of 150, pull and foil for 20 minutes allowing it to rest. As for a wood I I use hickory.
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I don't know what kind of smoker you're running but I've smoked a few pizzas on a homemade vertical. First off, try to pre-cook the meat toppings if you can. Actually, you almost have to. Second, if you live in an arid climate, I'd suggest running with a water pan or put a pot of beans between the coals and the pizza(s). That keeps the meat/pizza from drying out too much and yields a delicious pot of beans (see below). Oh, one more thing...... I highly recommend you splurge on some crumbled feta cheese and spread a little over one of your pizzas. Man that stuff tastes friggin good on any smoked pizza. Dang, now I've gone and made myself hungry again.


Pot of beans on a dry day to bump up the humidity in the smoker...

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Welcome! I have yet to try a pizza! we need pictures.
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If you have a grill, I would suggest grilling the dough for a couple of minutes before putting it in the smoker. Not long, just enough to slightly char both sides. Then toppings & in the smoker.
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AJ you got your plan together? Looking forward to seeing you in the challenge.

I tried a frozen pizza once, just threw it on the grate and set the Traeger to 300, it was OK but wasn't my flavor. Might try it again someday with Lump.
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hey there i never smoked a pizza but cant wait to here how it turns out
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