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Smoked Snake Bitten Chicken Wings

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I've never done wings before, ever. I decided to give them a try this weekend for the weekend challenge. biggrin.gif I was going to do the standard hot sauce/butter sauce and then desertlites recommended that I try this so I did. The recipe seemed like it was for bigger pieces of chicken so I took the liberty and winged it. biggrin.gif Instead of injecting the wings I took the injection liquid and mixed the dry rub in to it and made it a wet marinade.

Marinated wings:

I reserved some of the marinade and brushed it on the wings a couple of times. Then as I pulled them off I brushed it on one more time. They were smoked for 2 hrs, 20 minutes with hickory at 320. The skin was crispy right out of the smoker.

Finished product:

I will definitely be doing this again. It is a keeper. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those look yummy! How did the skin come out?
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The skin was really crispy. I was afraid it would be rubber but it wasn't. biggrin.gif
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Lookin' good Dawn! Sign me up for a couple of those! biggrin.gif

BBQ Eng.
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Those are some beautiful wings! What was the rub recipe you put on?
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Good Job

Great looking wings! Points! Do you think the sauce crisped the skin?
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It's Shooter Rick's Snake Bitten Chicken recipe. Here's the link to the recipe: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/showthread.php?t=73605
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Thanks! I don't know if the sauce crisped the skin, lol. I've never done chicken with skin in the smoker before. I would imagine that it did.
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Hey thanks for the plug! LOL. Glad you liked em. Yes the injection was more for whole or quartered birds but glad it worked as a marinade.
They look yummy!
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OH MY WORD. Those look awesome.
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Dawn those look wonderful-Ricks snake bit chicken is the Best-thanks for shareing.
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Thats the beauty of what we do. One person gets an idea and every one else makes it work for them... Good job Dawn.
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Man they do look good. Wowser.
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Dawn, they look great. Nice job....Need to try that recipe.
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Nice work Dawn, those look tasty.
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Thanks for the link irish...I used some of that rub last week on salmon steaks and they were awesome.
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Yummy, nice job Dawn.
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looks good
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they lookm great Dawn.. send me up some. thanks for showing.
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I'm confused...... confused.gif (What else is new?)

For such small pieces of meat, I would think 2hr 20min @ 320 would incinerate them. What am I missing?

They do look great, BTW........
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