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Cornish Hens

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I've been wanting to try some cornish hens for a while now and it seems like every time I start I don't get with the Weekend Challenge taken place I'm after em again.

The lady's are taken a brine bath that I worked up on the fly...salt, demerara sugar, garlic, onion, molasses, basil, and seems like I through something else in but can't remember.

I think I will do one with my apple rub and another with spicy commercial rub that I have.

Qview will be added a little later.
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Sounds good Carpetride. Should be some good food and q-view
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One on the right has the apple rub, left one will be "spicy"

Mrs. Spicy




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I LOVE Cornish Hen!

Which one did you like better, and what Exactly did you put on the "winner"?
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Nice job, Trent. They both look delicious. Which one did you like better?
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Looks great! I'd eat 'em!
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They look great. I've never tried doing cornish. They look so good, I'll have to give them a try.
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The spicy was Spicy Chicken Rub from CookShack, it came with my Amerique cooker which I no longer have.

The Apple Rub is the recipe I have posted here in the Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades forum and it suites our family the best. So I guess I would call it the winner although I thought both were pretty good.
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Nice job CR. They look great.
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Beautiful lookin' hens...they don't get much prettier than those. Bet they tasted great.

BBQ Eng.
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