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Brisket names

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I have noticed that most of the time you will see the brisket flat at the grocery store but never the point. Is there another name for the point and I'm just missing it? Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this question.
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hamberger, or the call it some kinda of a roast
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what u want is a packer-has the point on it-but do u want a left or a right?study shows beef spend most of there time on the left side I think-hold the packer in the arm and see which way the point turns-I may be wrong but right is leaner than left.
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I think they save the points for corned beef.
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What Ron said... Only points Ive seen were corned. or burger.
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Very few people know this.I look for lefties with straightest grain but will cook righties if the grain is straighter.
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Why is a straiter grain a better piece of meat?
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Yes, points are for corned beef. We have 2 of them in the crock as we speak.
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brined and crocked with O'taters and cabbage. Wearin the green!biggrin.gif
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Everything i see in the coolers labeled "corned beef" is flats, way to thin to be a point.

Crock pot? you got a BGE?
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If the grain runs parallel to brisket long ways- you get more cuts against the grain of the meat -important for competition etc. and cutting the meat against grain makes it easy to chew- as its tenderer-doesnt help if cooked improperly.Alot of brisket grain runs like this in stores \ perfect for cutting would be - . Many people have never put the probe in the point and cooked till 200-205 and sliced this--they usualy do whats called burnt ends with point of brisket.The point cooked till 200- 205 and sliced- has similiar characteristics of a corned beef point- cut for sandwiches -try it please.
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Yeah thats all we have ever had around here. Wife put them in the crock pot loaded with cabbage and potatoes. What is a BGE?
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Big Green Egg.Its a ceramic smoker whos design originated in japan long time ago.They cook hotter 275-300 for smokes but most people never try these ranges-which i do and i dont have a BGE.The ceramic insulates smoker so less fuel more consistent temps-not cheap but they are sweeet.
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Well i'l be dipped, ain't never seen a point cut, i may have to ask about that.

BGE= Big Green Egg, it's smoker/grill/FLIPPEN EXPENSIVE, and very nice.
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Oh ok, yeah I seen one of them on ebay not too long ago. I was doing a search for smokers. Pretty cool lookin. By the way, the package for that point cut I just added, I ATE IT. Yeah, the whole thing. I cant help myself when it comes to corned beef. Its like crack to me LOL
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Smokebuzz please try cookin the point on a whole packer 200-205 and slice that sucker.Roger-Out.
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Have cooked hundreds of packers, only a few flats, and have never seen just the point sold seprately. I will look and ask about.
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So........ after eating that much beef, would that make you a pig?
Cool, i gotta look for that point cut, thats my faverite part of a packer.
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thanks for all the info guys.
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