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Newbie here

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Hey all just wanted to say hello, and looking forward to digging into the vast knowledge on this forum.

Started smoking a year ago by reading some books and researching online. Have had good results so far but always looking to tweak/improve what I am doing.

Have a great day!
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Ben welcome to SMF glad you joined us. You'll find lots of info and some great recipes here. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome ben.Friendly forum and definetly search some posts or fire away with questions,advice etc.
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Welcome! Nice smoker. Any mods done to it yet?
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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to see a newbie jump right in with Qview.
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Welcomm and keep the view commingwink.gif
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Welcome to the pics!
Glad ta have ya here
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Welcome to SMF, Ben. You're off to a good start by posting qview right away. biggrin.gif
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Glad to see your here @ SMF, Ben. Looking forward to your future posts and qvue!
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Hello and welcome to the SMF. Stick around, as it only gets better.
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Welcome to SMF!
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Welcome, Ben! Glad you joined us. You'll like it here, just ask and you'll get expert advice from some real Q experts.
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Welcome, Wisconsin here also. What town are you in.
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Welcome Ben
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Hey all just to answer a few questions that some of you have asked.

First I live in Ashland, WI which is up on lake superior (just about as far north as you can go in WI).

Secondly as far as mods to my SMP I did only a few basic mods.
1. Used bricks to deflect heat from rising straight to the top of the smoking chamber and bring that heat more to the middle for more even distribution. I basically built a tunnel with bricks to accomplish this. It works, however there is still a pretty significant temp difference between the firebox side and the exhaust end.

2. Extended exhaust/smoke pipe down to cooking level. This was to eliminate the natural effect of heat rising and going straight out of the smoker.

3. I insalled a furnace door gasket (i guess thats what I would call it) around the lid of the smoker. This was intended to seal the lid so less smoke would seep out. It worked good for a period of time but I need to take it all off and redo it again. The cold WI winters and probably many other factors have caused this to pretty much fall off.

4. I raised up the grate in teh fire box (just with a couple bricks on their side). This gives me more clearence under the charcoal/wood so I do not have to clean it out during a smoke.

I think thats about it for mods, The stuff I did so far is pretty simple and not permanent sort of stuff but I intend on fabricating a peice of stainless (or whatever is in the scrap barrel at work) to act as a baffle between the fire box and smoking chamber. I would really like to get good even temperatures inside the smoking chamber so I can cook things more evenly. The only other thing would be to redo the gasket around the lid to get a better seal to hold heat/smoke better. Any other suggestions would be great, if anyone builds or knows where I could buy some mods for this smoker that would be fantastic.

I am strongly considering purchasing a Masterbuilt electric smoker. This would be to compliment what I already have and to aid in some of those longer term smoking projects where I do not have the time to attend the smoker as much as I am now (it really is a lot of work! haha).

Would enjoy getting any feedback from anyone.

Thanks, and happy smoking!
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