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Smoke em if you Got em

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Hello from SC! Thought I would start out with proper etiquette and say hi before I really dig in to the "meat" of the forum...

I am preparing for the second annual Rib-off and need to brush up on my techniques since I took the long winter off, grilling very rarely. Last year, I started talking smack to a good friend (and proud owner of a Big Green egg) about my ribs... Well after lots of talking and a few beers later... The rib-off was born.

I was very confident about my ribs, and thought my technique was near perfect. But after a wonderful day of rib'in, where the meat was approaching its juicy perfection, I was struck by the flu mid-smoke. Unfinished, I threw them on a platter and handed them off to the wife...

Well, the coveted Rib-off prize was not to be and I had to settle for a runner's up award of a small, plastic, pink squeeling pig... Grrr!

So here I am!
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Maybe it was the heat of things and your nerves got the best of you. Feeling nervous or not your internals and unconscious mind may have been quite worked up. Was it just a rib off between you and a buddy? If so, long as he doesn't break balls too bad, you could just turn it into a bigger thing, hold it at a future date during the spring or summer and show him how you truly operate under your bodies peak conditions. Have a few other buddies over to either judge, compete or just supply the beer and before you know it you could be the starter of a loacl S. Carolina championship. Tag line it with something like "you have to be truly sick to enter this competition", or Love sick over Q or something. People love clever wording and of course love Q.
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Welcome to SMF. It's a great place with lots of great info and great people who love to share their knowledge.
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Hang in there.I couldnt think straight my fist 3-4 comps until we put together a detailed cooking log.My treat is a beer at final turn in-never before.
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Welcome aboard. I hope your next one goes better.
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Welcome Pi...;}-

Well, start rubbin' Butt and slingin' Spice,biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Welcome! we will do it again!
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Sounds like it could turn out to be an annual event allright!...ribs one year, pulled-pork the next, yard-birds, brisket...Oh think of the challenges that you could defeat!!! LOL!!!

Welcome aboard!!! Enjoy the forum, ask your questions whenever you please...'cause we've all been stumped a time or two ourselves. Info is openly shared here...with pride!!!

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Welcome to the forum. Don't forget, we do like Qview so make sure to take pics of your comp.
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Welcome aboard...lookin forward to some pics of this year's comp!
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Welcome to the SMF. It's never too late to smoke, you'll do a whole lot better in time. Good luck.
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Welcome to SMF! Be sure to post some pics of the Rib-Off
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Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Don't dispair, there's always next year.
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Thanks for the warm welcome folks. I will be sure to post some pics of this years Rib-off. Not sure exactly when it will be held as the previous year's winner organizes it.
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Welcome... The flu may come and go, but good ribs... you get my drift. Give em hell next time!
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