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Country Ribs

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Got some country ribs at a marked down price at Sam's club yesterday. Rubbed them last night with a new rub i'm working on with the help of Richtee. biggrin.gif

They've been in the smoker for 3 hrs at 230. I'm using hickory today. Sprizting every hr with a mix of 3 parts apple juice and 1 part Capt. Morgan. Ready for foiling.

They've been foiled with some of the spritz liquid for an hour now. Oh yeah! They are done! I tried to pick them up out of the foil and it fell apart. I've put them back in the smoker and cranked it up to firm them up a bit.

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Looking really good.
So if the meat pulls off a little too easily rewrapping them and tossing them back into the heat will firm the meat up a bit? If I heard right and am on the same page then that is an absolutely amazing and handy little tip!
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Sweet lookin CS pork ribs. biggrin.gif

How does the new rub taste? Care to share?

BBQ Eng.
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I did not rewrap them. I just couldn't pick them up to take them out of the foil so i folded it wide open and left it on the rack.

I don't know yet. They will be eaten in about an hour. I will post the taste test results later tonight.

We have to have a very early dinner today due to scheduling issues, more like linner. It's not really lunch, but too early for dinner. icon_lol.gif
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I will say first of all that you have way more will power than I do...I would have eaten the first piece that broke off at a minimum! Have to make sure that it is good for the rest of the crew to eat! wink.gif

BBQ Eng.
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......................... .............................. ..........................

SORRY!!! I had to wipe up the saliva from looking at those pics...

Nice work!
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Those look great and bet are going to be good. Nice job.
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Looks really good Dawn, I love country style ribs.
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Hmmm....I haven't done country style ribs in a while. It might be time again!
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I bet they taste as good as they look.. Great job Dawn !!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Now those are some country ribs!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Those look great Dawn!
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Ok, they got mixed reviews. The ribs themselves turned out excellent. Tender, juicy and falling apart.

The rub was a disappointment. Get this, my wimpy family asked me "Where's the zip?" I never expected them to ask for it. icon_eek.gif I'll have to give some serious thought to what it needs. Oh well. biggrin.gif We slathered them with some Sweet Baby Rays and they disappeared.

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Looks graet and i love the meat in those country ribs.
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Got me thinkin'...

Those look incedibly delectible...icon_smile.gif

I have a family pack in the freezer...for about a month...I was thinking of smoking 'em, now I'm gonna have too! I'm thinkin' lemon/rosemary rub (spicy/hot) and mesquite/hickory blend.

Thanks for sharing! Those look great!biggrin.gif

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well they look fantastic. I cant smell them or taste them but I am developing cancer from smoked meat just looking at them!! LMAO!!!
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Anyone that would ask me "Where's the zip" would pay dearly next time. I like spicy food, but I try to keep it manageable for the family. The next time would be blazin'. I'd use my jerk seasoning rub & lights out!
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Oh, it will definitely be zippier next time. biggrin.gif My family are a bunch of wimps, which means medium salsa is too hot. I've been slowly increasing the heat level of food without them knowing it. I think I've just gotten some successful test results back. icon_lol.gif
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Great lookin ribs Dawn!
Next time, make em the way you like em and they won't be askin where the zip is! LOL
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those look great dawn-maybe in a day or 2 u will have more in your arsnal to kick it up a notch-I did spares last we,used magic dust(in the rub section) they were real good and kicked-or maybe more smittys?
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