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pulled pork sauce kcbs

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what would you guys use (if anything) for a finishing sauce at a kcbs event? i didn't know if soflaquer's sauce was too vinegar for kcbs. should i thin out some bbq sauce with water?
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Sorry Grindstaff, I have no experience with the KCBS. Being from eastern NC a long time ago, my personal preference is the vinegar based sauce. But I would tend to think the KCBS preference would be more towards the tomato base. Good luck! Hope one of the KCBS types will come in and offer some help.
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That would be my guess too, but it's just a guess. I would also guess that it would be pretty sweet instead of vinegary.
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that's what i was thinking, but you never hear of a sweet kansas city style finishing sauce. didn't know if one even existed. I just thought it might be something to try to give a bit of an edge on pork. I've never tried to thin out bbq sauce so didn't know if that just makes it taste like...well watered down bbq sauce haha
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Our sauce is already pretty thin.Try a quality honey(clove,Orange) or even butter.I have not cooked kcbs south of virginia or east of pennsylvania -but tomato base-even molasses- with LOTTA sweet seems popular in these parts- as its usually one bite for judges.You can use less vineager as well- but for home use- i do like more vineager, especialy when i cook my whole hogs.If you use water- some folks spritz a little warm water or apple juice as last step- dip in butter etc.
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Most "KC style" pulled pork I have had doesn't have finishing sauce on it.  They either leave it as is or put some BBQ sauce on it.  If you want to use BBQ sauce thinned, I would possibly use some apple juice.  Haven't cut sauce with apple juice before, so just a suggestion.  I personally would use a vinegar based finishing sauce myself.  I have not read KCBS rules, so I don't know if they would ding you on it.  I thought they went for taste, presentation, etc..... not necessarily true KC style.  Heck I was even told they don't judge on smoke ring anymore, because you can put certain chemicals on your meat and it gives it a "smoke ring" look even if it were cooked in the oven.  Now I am sure off the record they are looking at the smoke ring though, and I bet it still plays a factor visually if nothing else.

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Folks I know who live in Carolinas like PP with vinegar sauce BUT for KCBS they claim that they score better if they moisten their PP with a KC style (sweet, tomato, spicy) sauce.



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