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Pastrami W/Qview

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I picked up 2 tonight.

Sam's wanted 2.89 for cornd beef flats tonight. I prefer the points, more fat = more flavor and juice.

I looked for 2 of the heavier ones, about 3 lbs.

Following Rytecks recipe I am using pickling spices and a black pepper marinade that I used for this before.

Trimed off about 3/4 lb. of fat.

Fry pan test, a little salty, but I think the heat will take some of the salty cure out.

All rubbed and into the smoker.

Thanks for watching.
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Nice Job Ron
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Lookin good
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That's great you saved over $10lbs. Such great benefits from companies overdoing the celebration of being Irish when it comes to dead animals.
I have a question about the rub. I have only tried pastrami once and the rub i used was not so great overall, I wanted to do traditional juniper berries but couldn't find them anywhere no matter how hard I tried. It was mostly black pepper with a meriad of other spices but from what I have heard using juniper berries is an integral part of of the overall spice. Anyone know if this is mostly a rumor, or if maybe I could simply substitute. If juniper isn't really important I will try another rub, but if they truly are I'll try this international market or order some from somewhere, just figured someone could fill me in
Sorry to slight babble, smoked quite a bit today and then rehated some nice smoker from yesterday.
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The wife just showed me a simular add 1.99 for points and 2.99 for flats and we decided that we are gonna do up a couple for St Pattys just as they are ( electric roaster instead of crock pot so we can fit two or more in) plain old corned beef and cabbage

I hope to get a couple more for pastrami or maybe even a brisket and I could go from scratch, I have been itching for some pastrami here latley, I have seen like a handful of the food shows with short clips about pastrami and it is really starting to get to me

I haven't been smoking much over the winter but I did manage to do a 9lb butt last Sunday that we just finished eating tonight.

Yep, I think that Butts and Pastrami are about the two most idiot proof things that could be smoked. No wonder I do them the mostPDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

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I think that the berries are worth it if you can find them, but don't let not having them stop you. The garlic is the strongest flavor followed by the peppers and so on down the line.

I found them at a local farmers market packaged in a plastic tub as whole berries. I think to get the most flavor out of them they need to be ground pretty good. The problem is that they are fleshy on the outside and the seed is not that hard so it is kind of hard to grind them into seperate little parts, they more like mash up. Sooooooooo .....I boil up a brine concentrate with the berries and everything else (I cool the boiled concentrate with the balance of the needed brine water before putting the meat in it) and after the brine I add more ground berries to the rub.

Some berries are subtle and some are stronger and I have often wondered if Pine nuts could be used.
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Looking good so far, Ron.
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Pine nuts, interesting.
Great idea using the berries in considering how you say they are to mash. Our local flea market opens soon so I'll check it out and see what they carry.
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Hey Fire it up, Butcher& Packer has the berries, I just got some last week. here's a link. http://www.butcher-packer.com/index....roducts_id=887
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$6.50 a lb. Not bad. Thanks, I will have to order some. I'm going to prefect this pastrami thing eventually. Now that St. Patricks Day is coming I will be stocking up and experimenting.
Thanks for the link Dan. I just browsed some of their ingredients and was highly impressed. Not only do they carry many spices like Tellicherry black pepper (best of the best) but they have many curing and grinding and brining and all kinds of other artistic animal creation tools. By that I mean an item that you use to take some form of meat and turn it into a beautiful smoked leg or something that pulls apart almost like it is melting or that gorgeous ring when you cut into a piece of meat, a piece of art that you spent hours creating and you just know that that ring signifies perfection. Perfection, desire and love. The kind of love that flows over your tongue and down your throaght, it hits your stomach and you know that this, if nothing else, this simply yet wonderful pleasure makes life all worth while.
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I'm waitin to see em done before I comment. Tick.......................................... tock
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I just picked up 3 points last night for $1.49 a lb..... Rubbed & smoked one last night. Foiled at 170* then Took it to 200* then pulled & chopped for sandwiches today. It was good, but still a little too salty for me.

Can these be "soaked" or something to get some of the saltiness out of them?
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Absolutely. You just drop them in a bucket of water and the salt content will dissipate. How long for how salty? That I couldn't tell you. I would think maybe a few hours.

"Can these be "soaked" or something to get some of the saltiness out of them?"
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All done.

Just about done here, I got a drip pan for some juice, a bit salty but not unbearable.

Took them off at 170'.

I didn't want to use my slicer and wake Carol up, so for now a knife will do.

Stacked on toasted caraway sourdough, and slathered with spicy mustard and horseradish.

Sorry for the sloppy looking sammie, but it was time to eat and I just dove in. Yum it was good.

Thanks for watching.
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Congrats ron, looks sooooo good. No worries about the last pic being a bit fuzzy, had I taken it if you were lucky to have gotten a picture before it was gone it would have been a colored blur flying towards my mouth while I attempted to click the pic before it got there.
Again, looks great!
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Looks great Ron & thanks for the MES window shot, gotta love that!biggrin.gif
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That looks really good Ron. Pastrami just got moved to the top of my to do list. biggrin.gif
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Just sliced last night and had a sammie after simmering for a while.

On a Kaiser roll smothered with mustard and horseradish, yum.
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You got me going. Me and a buddy are doing up four of them tomorrow night.
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