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First whole birds

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While the forum was getting worked on, I had done some experimenting with my first chickens.
In a gallon or so of water, I added 4 tbs of Montreal Chicken spice, 1 tbs of sea salt, 3 tbs of chicken boullion. Brought it a simmer for about 1 hr. Let cool to room temp and placed the chicks in it for the night.
2 hrs before smoke time, removed from pot and rinsed. placed them on beer can holders and back into the fridge so the water can drip off.
Ready for smoken.... My wife spread a like coat of poultry seasoning and some paprika on them while I got the gosm fired up to temp. We also stuffed the cavities with some cooked homemade bacon that was leftover from breakfast. (Yummy). Into the smoker at 300 degrees. about half way through the smoke, I mopped both birds with Grenadene. Yes grenadene. It has a sweety fruity flavour that I thought would go good with the chicken.
Wow, it was amazing. Here are a few pics.

Thanks for looking.
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Interesting and they look awesome!!
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I like your entire process, rack the birds to drip-dry, cool...the wet mopping ingredient, now that is a nice twist! Those are dynamite lookin' birds!!!

Thanks for sharing. I've got think it over and might change my plans for my 4 birds I'll be doing in May. I planned for a brine, but hadn't planned on a mop...your's sounds great!

Thanks again! Points if I can give 'em.

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excellent.Like the idea of bacon in cavity and well..the whole thing.
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Did the grenadene make the birds taste sweet? What flavor of grenadene. Bacon in the cavity. I would not have thought about it. It sounds like something I would like to try.
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Great looking chicken, Andy. Thanks for the pics.
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Grenadene is the syrup that you add when you make a tequella sunrise. It is not over powering by any means. If I can remember correctly, I had mopped it 3 times. There was just a hint of sweetness on the skin. I maight decide to add some into the marinade the next time I do chickens.
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Looks great Andy. Looks like you have a couple of anxiously waiting taste testers there.
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Good looking birds Andy. Nice job.
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