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What Dave said.
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I am going to resurect this post once again. Has anyone seen this web site? http://www.bigdrumsmokers.com/index.htm

On there they talk about cooking meat faster than on conventional smokers. Is this true with a UDS? Seems if you kept the temp at 225 it would be the same cook time as any smoker. I am not looking to speed anything up, I still crave low & slow!

OK Rick & Dave, have at it!
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Yes, I have seen it. I think Rocky Richmond, the owner, is the one responsible for most of the pioneering design and testing that makes the UDS, which many consider a clone of his BDS, what it is today. Many of the "standard" features (if there are such things) as the 3 - 3/4" intakes and 8 - 1/2" holes for the exhaust are the result of his work. I'm not sure if he invented it or not but many of the people who have been making/using them for awhile seem to imitate him.

As far as it cooking faster, I think this is true because of the inherent design of the chamber. You've got a vertical chamber (heat rises), a relatively small chamber so the heat transfer to the meat is very effective, and a "direct heat" source although not too direct if you follow the "cooking grate 24" above the bottom of the coal basket' criteria.

It is a very efficient design for a cooker so there's not a lot of wasted heat or time. But don't worry, it ain't no microwave. biggrin.gif You'll still get "low and slow" Q when you cook with it. Plenty of time to enjoy some cool drinks and shoot the breeze while you're cooking. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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The UDS does cook a bit faster than what the usual cooking times state. I did a 12lb brisket the other week and it took around 13 hrs. If we went by the usual 1.5 hour per lb it should have taken around 18 hrs. Then again I like to run my temps a bit higher @ 240 or so.
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I'm with you there, Rick. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I think it does a better job rendering out the fat, among other things.

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