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yes, make sure you foil them. . Loin backs and baby backs are pretty much the same thing, just a shorter rack. over $ 5 a lb is pretty steep. ..Lookin forward to the finished pics!
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yup, $5.99 a pound, got my bonus today so i said what the hell, lets do it.
Then i actually seen them and almost shat myself lol

Im gonna do a full qview on these.

Still curious how many this will feed, ive got 8 people comin over saturday, hope im covered with these 2 racks.
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Unless they are giant people with no side dishes, you should be good. those things are like 1/2 pork chops!
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Didn't mean to imply you didn't know what you were doing.

Jeez, that is quite a bit of loin left. You could just about slice that off and smoke it on its own!
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My thoughts were similiar as the loin portion might cook quicker then ribs- if not cut like a chop.Would be interested in final pics.Pretty meat.
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Be sure to let us know how these turn out!
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I just hope they turn out ok, im just gonna do them like regular BB's
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The flat part of the piece is the 'chine' or spinal column of the hog split in half, the curved part is 1st part of the ribs. In the first picture with the soda can between them, if you hold the two up to each other flat sides together, you will see how the backbone was split and the ribs curving down on each side. Here's a picture of a whole hog split in half and you can see the section of the backbone that your's came from. All the butcher did was cut off the top half of the loin meat, leaving everything else.. true babybacks are just the curved-bone part with about ½" of meat cover on the bones (cut the flat part off).

Extending from the 'chop' part are the ribs on the sparerib section, plus those left on the shoulder.
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Those back ribs look almost like the ones I have carved from whole loins. I think there is another section of meat, covering part of the bottom and keeping the ribs unexposed, which your butcher has cut off. I have never seen commercially butchered back ribs with that much meat. Mine weigh in at about 5 lbs on average.

You essentially have a series of attached pork chops or a supersized crown roast. The meat from the loin is lean, so do not overcook them. They are less heat tolerant than spares.

During smoking, definitely baste them. When they feel hot, they are finished. You may want to use a thermometer to gauge this. Whole back ribs fit into my smoker, so I do not cut them. Most people on this forum are partial to the 3-2-1 method, foiling during the second stage. I do not like to cook most parts of the loin, covered with liquid. Dry heat, periodic basting and keeping a close eye on the temperature is how I have done similar monster back ribs. Good luck.
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Was thinking same thing...When ya get those, they're almost like pork chops! lol Big huge knobs or meat on the top side. Good eatn' !
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Better let me do it.

I don't think you should. You better let ME smoke them!

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Your butcher found a way to sell pork chops for a lot of money. You have pork loin with rib bones attached
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Roll it into a crown roast of pork and smoke that!
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now that's alot of meat !
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