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Holy crap these are HUGE

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I went to a butcher for the first time today to get baby backs becuase the super market was out. They are 4.25 pounds apiece but thats not whats crazy. Whats crazy is they are ALL MEAT, the bones look like tooth picks becuase there is so much meat. 2 racks costed me $50!!!!

Now the questions are how long and how should i cook these?
Cut them in half? thirds? fourths? maybe?

How many people will these feed you think?

I will still do them at 225, spritzing every hour
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Looks like a skill test. Let us know how they turn out.

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we want pictures!!!!!
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Edit: I miss read some of the post.

At 4.25 pounds per slab that sounds more like spares. Always thought of BB's as 3 and below but I could be wrong.
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These are most definately babybacks. They look like any other BB's except meaty as all get out. Ive never seen anything like this before. The butcher says he is the only one in town that cuts them like this and i can believe it.

Its kinda like the hulk, looks human just super sized on the meat PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

I dont know how to go about doing this really. Ive so far smoked over 100 BB racks in my GOSM 16" (not all at once rolleyes.gif ) so i know what im doing, but all those where your average 2-3 pounders bought from the super market that have been injected with salt water solutiony stuff and cryo vacked.

Im just wondering now how many people this can feed really.

Im getting pics of this for sure for you guys.
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No need to cut them unless they won't fit your smoker. Do the 2-2-1 method like any regular sized ribs.

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Photos in 10 min
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10 minutes...I'll be holding my breathe to see those monsters.
So are you just prepping them or are you planning on firing it up and smoking those bad boys?
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No chance they are loin back ribs? Lots of those sold as baby backs.
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I was thinking similiar thing.Maybe a 2000 pound hog.Will wait for pics.
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Thats all meat at the end of the bones, SOLID MEAT

pics do not do justice
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BTW, how do i make it so that when i open a thread it displays the first post, its backwards for me.
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Definetly looks like he left some of the loin on the b.b.
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Think so? Im not fluent on how ribs are actually cut from the hog
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Looks like a bone in pork loin.
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Go to CP (control panel) and check your OPTIONS, I think that's the one, you may need to scroll down to find the setting...you can change it to view the last post for the thread on top of the page, or on the bottom of the page...I haven't checked that setting for a long time, but, I think that's where it's at.

PS: Those are some monster loin backs (i think)!!!

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Go to 'User CP' in the upper left, then click on 'Edit Options', scroll down to 'Thread Display Options' & go to 'Thread Display Mode'.
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So you think these are loin backs?
So basicly they just leave the loin on?
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I do...we buy family size packs of assorted pork chops fairly often...the end pics of your ribs look just like a loin chop (standing on edge).

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Can i smoke them like i normaly do BB's?
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