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Rep Power

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Wow check out your REP power
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why something wrong
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I think someone is playing with the rep button. biggrin.gif
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how do I do that?
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At the top left...User CP
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They are all the same. I have had one dot forever because I read and do not post as much.I like It. Makes us all the same.
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Geez, and I just thought you guys liked me. rolleyes.gif
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I want the power..

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We're all winners! biggrin.gif Isn't that what the little tykes are taught in school these days?
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So does rep power have anything to the giving if points? Not sure if I have any or how to find out/get points and if you receive points what that actually entails. Figured I could have searched to find it but wasn't anything I thought about until someone on ehre gave me some excellent information on using my electric smoker and would like to post a big thank you to the guy.
Mikey, your advice was so excellent and made a huge difference in my last smoke. Have yet to post the pictures but they will be coming.
Thanks again.
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The Power is strong!
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Which is another way of saying no one is. rolleyes.gif

Sorry to sound so cynical.

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we all have the power just but you have to think posative.wink.gif
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I'm just saying that I think competition is good and I think that differentiated rep power and OTBS designations are also good.

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Anyone ever figure out what is up with the rep points?
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Its something that is being worked on but isnt at the top of the list right now. Thanks for understanding.
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Fire it Up, you're more than welcome. Glad I was able to help you out. I was wondering how things were going with your smoker and the smokes. I look forward to seeing some xlnt qview from ya.
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