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Snake Bitten Salmon Steaks

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Since my smoker is out of operation (mods being made) I really miss smoking and the results. Trying to keep the faith, I put together ShooterRick's Ricks's Copperhead Snake Bitten Chicken rub last weekend (minus the wasabi- all out) , I figured I would try something different.

This afternoon I pulled out a couple pounds of salmon steaks from the in-law's last trip to Alaska and rubbed them with his Snakebite. Broiled them in the oven for a bit to see what would happen.

This is seriously good stuff. Yes, it's supposed to be for chicken but I am living proof it works magic for salmon too. Hey, got to try something different every once in a while, right?

I know, I know....sorry, no q-vues. This was a last minute desperation cooking.

If you haven't gotten around to try it, I recommend you do. This stuff is really good.

A big thanks to ShooterRick for sharing!
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I am pleased you like the rub. I will have to try on fish also. Been thinking about it but not done it yet.
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This is the second thread that I have read today that used ShooterRick's Copperhead Bitten Chicken Rub. I'm gonna try this right away before he decides to go commercial and removes the sounds fantastic.

Ricks Copperhead Snake Bitten Chicken

BBQ Eng.
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Let me tell ya friend, you can't go wrong with this baby.
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LOL. This was originally a thank you post for all that SMF had given me in the past. It will always be available to those that seek grasshopper!
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Sounds good but did it really happen wink.gif
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Rick I mixed up a batch while back-was blown away-had to share -and ya good on fish too-go get wasabi Rivit,key offering in my opionion.
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Will do on the wasabi desert. I'll make another batch of snake bite when my mods are done and I fire up my baby again. Got a bunch of legg-quarters in the freezer waitin'....PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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