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pecan wood

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I found the Mother load. Base of tree was 3 1/2 feet in diameter. I got the whole tree for $100.00.

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BBQ Eng.
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Lucky dog!! Would love to have some pecan again.

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Congrats V..that's great!
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Nice goin'. Pecan's one of my favorites.
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Nice score vtanker! I never have had the opportunity to use pecan, though I've been hearing lots of folks like the flavor. Get your wood seasoned-out and get smokin'!!! Don't foget the pics!

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You hit the motherlode......good for you!!
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That's great! I love a tree I can "trim" wink.gif every now and then...enjoy it!
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This was one of those to good to be true type things. It was cut a week ago. I figured I can split it and make a little profit. It will go bad before I can use it all.
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nice score, pecan is one of my favorite woods. great flavor.
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Great score! Pecan is my all time, over the top favorite wood for smoking! Split that stuff while it's still green... Seasoned pecan is a PITA to split...
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Congrats on an excellent score, pecan is one of my top choices.
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Too bad youre so far away. I come over and help ya.
Nice score.
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I can sure use the help!
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Great score. Last summer I scored a small it!
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Way to go Tank! I got ahold of a bit of already seasoned pecan wood last fall and used some of if for my TG turkey smoke. Nothing like pecan on poultry man....

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Congrats on the score, I love to smoke with Pecan, great flavor.

If you were closer I would help ya split itbiggrin.gif
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Awesome find!!
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