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Silicon lube

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Hey folks,

Thankfully for my birthday we were able to go to Northern Tool and get the compliment of equipment, Grinder, 5lb-Stuffer, Mixer. Been waiting a while to make more sausage and not wanting to go through using the kitchen aid for stuffing again. lol.

So here am I. My question is the silicon lubricant, I see it at but is there a local hardware store alternative you can use? Dont want to use the wrong stuff.
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Racemonkey , whatever tube lube you get to use make sure it says "FOODGRADE" on the packaging .
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I have used Pam with good success.
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isn't pam made of veg. oil? If so it could turn rancid. I used to spray with the silicone from sausagemaker when I store my grinder and and parts to avoid any possible rusting. Now I use it fairly often and it doesn't get stored for any period of time.
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I agree with T-Bone. Food grand silicon only. Cooking sprays or any type of veg oil will go rancid, not to mention they will gum up after a while.
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Bass Pro Shops, and Gander Mountain both carry the food grade silicone spray or at least the ones around me do
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I use Crisco for the parts that come into contact with meat in my stuffer and grinder, but use an approved food grade silicone grease for the internals. I get mine a local restaurant supply house. You might have one around you.
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Food grade only, I get mine at the farm supply store, if ya got one around ya, they should be able ta orde it. If yer nice ta the meat counter guy, he might get ya some to.
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Mineral Oil works, the grocery store and pharmacy have it.
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Awesome thanks, i have 2 cans of food grade silicone coming. icon_wink.gif
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