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Smoked Salmon Question

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I'm having some friends over this weekend for a Lenten fish fest. One of the items on the menu is going to be smoked salmon. There's someone near my city who's giving away a cut up cedar tree and I'm wondering what kind of smoke flavor it imparts on fish or anything really.

I always see those cedar planks that they tell you to smoke grill fish on but I couldn't find anywhere that actually explains I thought someone here would surely know.

Thanks for any help,
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Well I have never done it, but I think they are made just for grilling. I dont know how they would work for smoking. My understanding is you soak the boards in water for about 20-30 minutes prior to use and that the boards are about an inch or so larger than the fillet. I think the cedar gives it a slightly smokey flavor as it slowly burns while being grilled. If you do it, make sure to take some photos, I would be interested in seeing how it turns out.
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Cedar isn't a smokind wood!

Here's a link on using cedar for a smoking wood:
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oh, super.

Well I guess I'll have to go buy some alder then. :(
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I've used the planks for grilling and the salmon always turns out great. I always take lemons and cut them up about 1/4 inch thick. lay them on top of the soaked cedar plank, then lay my salmon on the lemons. Lay the finished salmon on a bed of safron rice... cover with Holland daze... side order of asparagus..... dang.... whoohooo!
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I want more of a smoked flavor so I'll be smoking it. I just had a chance to get some free cedar and thought I could use it for smoking the salmon. I'll probably use the maple tree I have cut up in my garage and some hickory or mesquite that I already have also. I don't want to buy anymore chunks.
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Well I wouldnt turn down the Cedar. I'd get some, ya never know, at least a little. As much at those boards cost it would nice to have some on hand.
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it has always been my understanding that when you grill salmon on the cedar plank, it soaks up some of the oils from the cedar and gives the salmon a nice "woodsy" flavor. However if you let the cedar burn those oils produce some pretty rancid smoke and will ruin your fish pretty quick.
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