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should i get a weber kettle?

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or, is there something else i should look at first? short answers work great!
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Get a kettle.

Get a kettle.
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If ya alredy have a ecb, then ya a weber kettle would be a nice addition for grilling, and you can smoke on them also, just not as much meat.
You may look at a WSM also.
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love my kettle, grill, smoke cook with indirect and wood added to charcoal, and also a sear machine if you into that.
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If you have the means to build a drum smoker, that would be my choice. I grill on my drum every bit as much as I smoke on it. Just raise the basket or lower the grate a couple notches. It grills as good or better than a kettle and will seal up tight at the end to save your coals.
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The kettle also makes a great place to pre-burn wood if you ever use a stick-burner smoker... Plan for the future! LOL

They are really good grills, too.
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You can't go wrong having a Weber Kettle.....
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I think if you only have one outdoor cooking device it should be a kettle. Then add more specialized equipment. After I get a UDS built I might change my mind though.
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I have three smokers and a kettle and enjoy them all. However, if I could only have one outdoor cooking device, it would be the kettle. I really believe the Weber kettle is the best available. As mentioned before, you can grill, smoke or sear on it and it's good quality.
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Get One!

25 years of kettles....versatile, can't go wrong! Get one!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I just got my webber 22 1/2" a short while ago, I like it so far.
The only thing about it is, what to do with the lid while you are putting or taking off the meat. Do you guys lay it on the ground?
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Mine is 10 years old but i believe some come with a clip on inside of lid- as i have seen top resting on side of grill- opposite handle before.Some how they hang there-but it escapes me.
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Mine are both older but hey have a hook on the underside of the lid so you can hang it on the side of the kettle. I can't imagine that they did away with it but if they did it would be simple enough to install one if you have a drill.
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Yes, they last forever & very versatile.
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/agree with everyone. I love my kettle.
I use it for grilling, finishing off ribs, abt's you name it!
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I went out and looked at it. It does have the hook on the inside. Now I feel like a DA for not noticing it before. Thanks for the heads up.
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look at the weber performer ... little bit of jing jing but very nice unit

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Cabelas has the One touch gold for $149 plus shipping, but sence your from VA you might find it at Lowes like I did a month ago for around that price range, I had to replace mine old one after 20 plus years. That was the only thing I had for grillin or smoking at the time, you can't go wrong with a kettle...go for it.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I have had the kettles for 20 years. It's the only way to do a turkey. Yes smoked turkey is good, but a weber turkey cannot be beat. (I do add some soaked oak to the coals) My wifes family were deep frying turkeys when I showed up. The deep fryer just collects dust now. I will have to do a Qview and post when I do my next turkey. I see the kettles on craigslist all the time around here for 20 to 40 bucks.
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Get a Weber. Versatile. Well made. Don't put the cooking grate on until after the coals are lit and spread out and it will keep it from buring off the chrome plating.
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