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Snack Sticks in MES

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I've never smoked snack sticks in my new MES. For those of you who have, do you normally hang them or lay them on the racks? I'd prefer to hang them, but I'm trying to figure out how to hang then? Do you guys buy rods specifically made for the MES, or do you have a mod for rods to put across the MES to hang sticks on? Hopefully this makes sense, thanks for all your help!
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Hey Boomer welcome to the SMF , this is my first go at snack sticks , but have done the larger smoked sausage same way .... I made some stainless steel rods outta welding rod ... cut to approx 15 1/2 " I believe ... sharpened abit on the ends as I originally made em to do jerky with ...using them to skewer the meat strips and hang them across the top of the top rack tracks .. so now I use them to do both wink.gif also my MES is the 30 " size

here's the link

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I pre-cut them and laid them on the MES racks, like this. Worked really well, and there weren't any grill marks. I guess it was because they don't weigh as much as regular-sized sausage.
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