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Q view new rub p- lion 1/3+

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decided to make me a big batch of sweet spicy rub. 2 lbs brown sugar and several oz of varius spices later, cant give out my seceret recipie lol, i made a large batch for trial.

i had just returned from sams with a whole pork loin i got for $1.58 a lb. so i cut it into 1/3s. 1 third im curing a caniadian bacon. other i cut into butterfly chops and one went to the test table.

i coated it with the rub and also a few boneless chicken breasts as well.

i smoked them on the brinkman horizontal with charcoal and hickory wood. also had 2 bell peppers stuffed with chedder cheese and a mix of spanish rice and diced tomatoes and green chilis. topped with cheese as well.

after a couple hrs of cooking i added the peppers and bird breast.

after the loin was on a couple hrs at 250 i added the chicken and peppers and continued at 275ish for another 2 1/2 hrs till pork was 160.

man it was a treat.

the lion was bursting with juices and the bark was just as sweet and tangy as could be. wife and i loved it. chicken was a success too. i like the rub and will use it for a base for a perfect blend.

served with grilled asparagus with butter and kosher salt and bakery bread thick cut and buttered. with 0 cal spray butter though.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

the chicken i added a lil BBQ and horseradish sauce to it. but the pork. NO WAY! only a few table spoons of its own juices on it. i couldnt ruin that flavor with sauces. just would have covered that natural flavor to much. YUMMY> had leftovers last night.
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Nice job! Great smoke ring on that loin!!
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thanks. ya it did have a nice ring. it wasnt real visiable in the pic as it was in reality but still noticable.

heres a couple more.

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Nice job BGC! Looks delicious!
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I agree, that is a nice smoke ring. Extremely visible or not you can definitely make out that nice deep line where it penetrated. How did your peppers turn out? My sister isn't a big fan of smoked foods, but that she may enjoy. Her husband (of course) loves it when I fire up the smoker so he gets to try anything I make but I would like to slowly introduce her to something with some nice smoke flavor that is prominent but not "overpowering" for someone who knows Q as Applebees ribs or store bought hickory "smoked" (flavoring added) bacon.
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Looks great. There goes the diet!biggrin.gif
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Nice job. Looks great
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Great job BGC...that loin looks super!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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i liked the peppers. wife ate the fillings but she isnt much a fan of cooked peppers. i often toss on whole jalapenos when i smoke just to naw on while i eat supper.

thanks for the comments. i love a good pork loin. about time to smoke that bacon 1/3 thats curing.
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looks great.. nice smoke ring.
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Could have sworn that I previously posted to this....

Nice lookin smoke, the peppers look great.
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Everything looks great BGC. Just wish you'd disclose your rub recipe :D Just kidding, I understand you can't give EVERYTHING away. The fine QVIEW more than makes up for it.

I've been meaning to mix up a couple of large batches of the rubs I most commonly use. The reason being that sometimes it's a pain in the butt to take out 15 or so different containers to sprinkle on the meat - especially when I got 5 things going at once. The problem is that I never measure how much of what I use so it's kind of hard for me to mix up a large batch. Pluse the fact that some of the ingredients sink to the bottom.

Thanks again for the QVIEW,

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That was a fine looking loin. I think that a loin ranks up high with me as one of my favorite smoked meats. Certainly a meal you could be proud of...
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Nice job dude!!! Liked the smoked peppers; will have to try that.
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