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Gander Mountain Stuffers

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Anyone here have any input on the stuffers Gander Mountain sells? Particularly the 15# one. Thanks.
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The best several of us can tell its the same one Northern Tools sells and has metal gears
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So I take this has been discussed before. Someone has one for sale for 70 bucks. A small crack in one of the pins he said, but and easy fix. Are they a good item?
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I think somebody just bought one. I'm trying to think of who it was. I have the 15 lb from Northern Tool and it works great
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Really. I looked at both and I really can not tell them apart. What about metal stuffer tubes, are those easily found? This is the last question on this I promisebiggrin.gif
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Not sure about the metal stuffing tubes but my question would be why? The plastic ones work fine for me
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Meat Hunter
A friend of mine picked up that 15 lb. stuffer at Gander Mountain this fall and tells me he likes it; from what I know they seem to be descent stuffers.
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Just seem more durable to me. I have heard of others breaking their tubes or cracking them, and I have already broke one of mine on my grinder/stuffer combo unit. Just curious more than anything I guess. Im going to give that guy a call and go check that stuffer out tomorrow.
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I'd buy it before somebody else does!! Thats a good price
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I just got one the other day.. Looks well made, metal gears, stainless steel...
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Exact same stuffer. Northern Tool has it on sale for $170.99, reg. $189.99. Grab it quick! You'll love it! Try for replacement stuffing tubes, you'll want to get the 2" ones.
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They are worth the money for sure. Only issue is the manufacture does not make a tube small enough for snack sticks. I found a stainless one at a resteraunt supply place that fits my 5 pound verticle. the 15 pound should be the same size as I recall.
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For different sizes in stuffer tubes try here -
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I got one for sheep casings at Butcher-Packer, it was one that fit the F. **** stuffer, a 3/8" diameter and works well.
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I have one,, Don't know if it is good compared to others or not, it is the only one I have ever used but it beats the heck out of stuffing with the grinder...

I love it.. Ya,, will likely buy metal tubes for it. Not a problem yet after about 90 lb through it. Paid 200 for mine. When I tried to get the northern it was backordered till april... Maybee they got them in sooner.

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