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This place is going to make me fat...

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Hi all.

I just found this site, and love the tips and recipes!

I built a drum smoker in the fall, and am beginning to build a rough offset type smoker. So far I'd have to say smoked meatloaf has been my biggest success.

Looking forward to doing lots more smoking.

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Welcome to the forum Bill...glad to have you here. :)
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Welcome to SMF. There are lots of drum heads here that i am sure will help you with any questions.
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I was already Fat, so I dont have to worry!
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Welcome to the SMF. Yep that's what happened to me. SMF made me fat!
Its all these peoples fault, not mine.
I would have been skinny if not for this place.

( The fact that I was fat to start with has nothing to do with it. )

I have to say though My use of the smoker has made my neighbours become more carnivore-like. LOL...biggrin.gif

I love smoked meatloaf, I do Them in large muffin tins, then freeze the meatloaf muffins and use them for snacks when I'm feeling to lazy to smoke something. Which is a lot. I will usually nuke one or two in the evening for a snack while I am in the chatroom.

There are lots of Drumheads on here to keep you company. Some are even Ugly Drumheads. Sorry it was there I had to use it. hee hee
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hey I resemble those comments, welcome to the SMF
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Well Bill, welcome to the SMF. If you're gaining weight from reading/looking at the Q View, it's an added pleasure.
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I hear yah.I have been body building--hobby last 25 years and i just tell myself, theres alot of protein for muscle growth in that meat.Lots of sit-ups and crunches.
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Glad to have you with us at SMF, Bill!
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Welcome and good luck!
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Welcome! I'm a newb here as well, but the recipes and pics are certainly INSPIRING! I'm looking forward to smoking my first fattie in the next week or two!
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Welcome to the forum, Bill. Yes, it will put the weight on you. icon_wink.gif
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Get used to it.
Its not that first...
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welcome to the forum Bill , funny how neighbors come outta the woodwork when they smell the smoker running biggrin.gif ... and yes this place does add a bit of poundage to one's waistline wink.gif
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Welcome to SMF.
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Welcome to SMF, Bill. This is a great place to learn the art of smoking.
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Welcome Bill. You are going to love it here. If you are in the process of an offset, post some pics of that too. We love a good build progression as well as the Qview.

BBQ Eng.
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Welcome aboard Bill, looking forward to seeing some of your Qveiw and smoker pics.
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Welcome, Bill! Don't let a little weight gain get you down. The alternative is no smoked meat. But don't call me fat, I'm sensitve. I prefer 'slightly portly'. biggrin.gif
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Welcome from a fellow UDS user.........glad to have you
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