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2nd smoke attempt not as good as first

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Saturday I night smoked a chicken came out great. Sunday afternoon I gave it another shot with a medium size beef roast it tasted great but I like my beef medium rare and I over cooked it to medium well. I noticed the beef cooked a lot faster. I am not to disappointed my wife is still eating the left overs which is unusal for her. Who ever said this is addictive hit the nail on the head. I all ready planning on doing some pork chops latter in the week any tips?

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MrBill, what kind of smoker are you using?
What kind of wood for flavor?
Weather conditions, wind,rain, cold etc?
Marinated or not, rub or not?
Pork chops are thick, thin, stuffed?
Not trying to be smart, just need some info before anyone can help you out. Good luck.icon_smile.gif
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What he said.
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more info

Ok ditched the chops I found a real nice pork shoulder roast 4+pounds I will be using some apple chips with a brinkman smoke and grill propane smoker I use a nice season rub and may stuff with garlic depends on what the wife is in mood for. what should the internal temp of pork be when it is done? any tips


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For pulled pork 195-205
Sliced pork 165-175
Guys correct me if I am wrong.biggrin.gif
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Sounds about right to me..
..wrap it in foil, wrap in a blanket and let it sit for a bit before you pull or slice it to let the juices redistribute, otherwise, when you slice or pull it a lot of the juices will end up coming out of the meat and a perfectly done butt may become dry.
..also helps break down the connective tissue if you are pulling.

Shouldn't have to worry about over-smoking with apple...but try not to let the smoke get too thick and nasty...sometimes that can happen with chips.
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thanks for the info what else is there other then wood chips?
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Sorry I missed the post where you mentioned you were using a gas smoker...not much choice then on the chips.
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I am with you brother!!! If I did not work I would smoke every day!
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What he said.

Also, if your'e pulling wrap in foil at about 160 to 170 and take to 200 to 205 and then rest wraped in a cooler for 1 to 2 hours. For sliced 160 to 170. Good luck!
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