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Venison Pastrami w/Q-view

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Per Cowgirl's recipe I smoked my first venison pastrami and I gotta say it's a winner! Thanks Cowgirl!

I don't have any pics til after the process cuz I left my camera in my friend's truck. Took a 5 lbs venison roast and let it cure for 5-6 days in the fridge, then soaked in water for 2 hours, rub with more seasonings and into the smoker. Bring the meat to 155 degrees and place in foil with a little beef broth for another half hour. The end result:

Very good flavor, tender and moist.

Sliced and ready for sandwiches.

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Wow...that looks good Ole! So happy to hear it worked out for you. icon_cool.gif
Dibs on any leftovers. lol
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Cowgirl, I saved ya some! icon_wink.gif
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Looks great. Now all I have to do is find her recipe.
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Caffeine free Coke? what the? I thought when smoking there was another favorite beverage of choice?
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Looks great; another to-do, my list is getting way to long.....

The can might be a disguise !!!
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You'll have to try it.


The coke was mixed with a little Jim Beam.
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