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doing a little Canadian Bacon

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Picked up several loins a week or so ago.

trimmed up, and cured sitting in the frig. think this was day 3. cured using TQ, onion and garlic powder, kosher salt, turbinado sugar, CBP and a couple also had some smitty's.

Did a little more trimming after curing

and on the smoker. I will be smoking these to about 140

6 of these went onto the smoker with nothing else done to them.
the one with

2 toothpicks has been injected with apple juice and coated with fresh Apple Pie spice and Cinnamon powder.

3 toothpicks has been completely covered in RichTee's "smitty's" and CBP

4 toothpicks has been injected with apple juice and being lathered with a mixture of maple syrup, molasses, brown sugar, Bourbon and apple juice.

Anxious to see these results.

Thanks for looking.
psst, Dawn, I'll let you know how it turns out. :-)
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It all looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing them finished and learning the taste test results.

Thanks, Kev. Yours will be done before mine are. biggrin.gif
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Looks good Kev...lookin forward to the taste comparison!!
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lookin good Red, can't wait to hear what ya think of the Apple Pie spice and Cinnamon powder flavored one. It sounds great
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Looks great. I'm still waiting to do my first and you come along with five! Excellent Qview.
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now thats what I call variety , all looks great ... looking forward to the taste test on the apple pie spiced one PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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looking good red,seems u and dawn having a CB throwdown-bbchev (andy)turned me onto the apple bacon-It IS really good,but think it needs somthing like apple jack added-looking fowared to end result.
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Looks good Kev I too look forward to what you think of the different kinds
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They all turned out really good. I made the mistake of taste testing the Smitty's one ( smitty's = homemade spice similar to cayenne but with a MUCH better taste ) sure glad i was able to score this from Rich.

The apple pie one is good, It gives it a slight taste difference, probably more noticable if not eaten with others.

The glazed one of course is good but sticky sticky sticky.

Smitty's finished

Glazed finished

apple pie cinnamon finished

the regular CB finished

bagged up for friends in 1 lb packs. ziplocked because it's not going to last em long.

and some ends that didn't get sliced saved for recipes.

Thanks for checking this out.

Dawn, your really going to like the apple pie I think.
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Awesome job!!!
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Nice job, Kev. I'm glad they all turned out well. points.gif for the inspiration!
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Looks great Kev...But are you sure you have permission to use that apple spice recipe?
I got a nice batch of "ends" that will go real nice in some of Dutch's baked beans.
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Looks great Kev thanks for sharing your thoughts as well as Qview
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