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Monster Rib Eyes

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Been spending a lot of time other places since the crash. Don't think to drop in here much these days.
Did some rib eyes this weekend and thought I'd share.

These bad boys are T H I C K

these are to nice to need much. just a little fresh CBP, onion and garlic powder

Sharing space in the smoker with a sirloin tip roast.

One stayed on the smoker in a cooler spot for almost 3 hrs.
2 came off and onto the weber for finishing with direct heat after 2 hrs.
This one was on just a little longer.

the 2 I sent home with a friend

Since I was home alone, I got to chow down out in my shed ( my home away from home)

needed 2 plates.

the baked potato with smoked shrooms and onions sauted

Hope you enjoy the show, I surely enjoyed the meal.
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Yum, Kev. It all looks delicious! Makes me want to go freezer diving and see if I can round up some steaks. biggrin.gif
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Those look excellent. I have a couple of ribeyes that size I need to thaw out. Never had a steak on my smoker yet. Looking forward to see how they turn out. Thanks for the great qview.
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Thanks for sharing...what a great job on them steaks!!!
Very nice!
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Hey Tuck,

I like to put big thick steaks in the smoker for the flavor and finish em off above direct heat. give it a go, you won't be dissapointed.
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BigRed, Those look great!! Going to Elizabethtown on business for the next couple of days, guess I know where I am going for dinner! LOL
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Looks good!

Might have to take on some ribeyes next night off!
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Great job!!! Shoulda sent the 2 my way instead of with your friends!
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Great job on the cook and the Q-VIEW.
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thanks for the mouth watering q-view .... nice job PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif:PDT_Armataz _01_34:
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Dang it! Did you get those steaks outta my freezer????? Thats not right!

BUT... They look great...
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Those are gorgeous! I wondered if you could do thick ribeyes in the smoker, so now I'll have to try that this week.
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Looks great! Thick smoked steaks, yum
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Is that a homemade cribbage board I see on the table?
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Very nice looking steaks!
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That is a great looking meal. Man, I am hungry now. Great job on tha one
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