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CB Five ways

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Got a couple of loins the other day and decided to devote one to just cb. This time I decided to try it 5 different ways to see what we liked.

The whole loin, 11 lbs untrimmed.

After trimming wound up with 5 pieces about 1 1/2 lbs each:

The flavors I chose to expirement with this time are one with CBP and TQ, another one is a rub that I'm experimenting with mixed with TQ, one is dark brown sugar and TQ, another one is maple sugar and TQ and the last one is apple pie spice and TQ. After 5 days I'll check and see if they're cured.

Once they're cured I'll ponder if I want to glaze any of them while they're smoking. Thanks to BigRedQ for the idea.
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Hope I'm invited to the taste test.
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apple pie, sounds interesting
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Apple Pie Spice sounds real interesting...lookin forward to your findings!!
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What He ^ said
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yumm good flavors,lookin good dawn-I have a market here I get dried apple chips-spice grind them add cinn,touch of allspice=my apple powder.I think it's time to make some bacon.can't wait for the finish gal.
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I love the flavour choices , can't wait to here the end results wink.gif
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BOY, does this 'speriment look familiar. Hope it turns out as well for you, as it did for the dude, that tried this first. Apple Pie spice HUH?
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cant wait to here how thety turned out
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Looking good TBear!! Will keep an eye on this one for sure
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Looks great Dawn. Looks like the apple/cin idea is getting popular.
Can't wait to see the resluts.
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I was reminded last night that I forgot to update this thread. Sorry about that! icon_redface.gif

Apparently I forgot to take a final pic too. I think this was about an hour before I pulled them.

Anyhow, the reviews are mixed. The CBP one was rated as ok for sandwiches as well as the rub one. Definitely looks like they like their CB sweet. The maple sugar one could have used more maple sugar. I'll probably double the amount of maple sugar when I do that one again and see. The favorite was the standard brown sugar one. rolleyes.gif They didn't really care for the apple pie spice one, but I did so I'll do that again. icon_smile.gif I'll have to ponder the next batch to see what I can do to tweek it.
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Dawn, I had pretty much the same results. the apple pie spice gives it a unique flavor for sure. but probably wouldn't do it again. WTG for venturing into unfamiliar territory POINTS
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