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Chicken Spedini

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I got this idea a couple of weeks ago from Darrin, and I thought I would give it a try. It is called a chicken spedini, and is effectively a fattie made from chicken breast and stuffed with sausage. Certainly you could be really creative and stuff it with whatever appeals to you at the time. Here is my simplistic version.

I first flattened out a chicken breast between two sheets of plastic wrap. I have some homemade sausage that I am going to stuff this with.

I used some spicy rub, and layered on the sausage.

I wrapped them with some bacon, and then placed them in the smoker.

Threw some apple wood TBS at them until 165 degrees. Smoker is setting at 250 degrees from the dial in this photo.

let them rest for a while

Plated and drizzled with a mango chipotle sauce. They were excellent...smoky, sweet, spicy, and very tender and juicy. They went well with vegetable spring rolls, corn, and a side salad (not shown). I will definitely do these again. Next time I want to do a lemon/wine/butter sauce with a few capers over the top.

And yes, the "cow girls" helped all afternoon. They were exhausted after guarding the smoker and playing ball / frisbee.

Thanks Darrin for the inspiration for this smoke!

BBQ Eng.
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Looks Great.....gotta try these!
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They look really good. Just put them on my to do list. icon_lol.gif
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Excellent looking BBQ Engineer, congrats on a tasty smoke. Can't go wrong with sausage and chicken. keep pushing the envelope, it always is an inspiration.
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That's a fine lookin meal.
Great job!!

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Great idea, I was looking for something new to try this weekend ..... Points !!!
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That looks great BBQE. Good job
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They look very tasty!! Mmmm... :)
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Wow. Good stuff. There are just too many good ideas on this forum. Of course, thats a good thing. biggrin.gif
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Points for thinking outside the box!

What type of smoker is that?
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Hey Carpetride,

Thanks! My smoker is a homebuilt cabinet smoker that I designed and built in my shop. It is made out of 10 Gauge steel (both walls), and insulated with ceramic wool...it is heavy as heck, and is like smoking in a safe. I have a much larger version planned along with a trailer mounted offset (insulated as well). Here are some more photos that I posted of this one.

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Nice post! Points for originality and Q VIEW! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wow, that looked great! Nice job.
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This is probably a stupid question....how did you flatten the chicken breast???? Beat on it with a meat tenderizing hammer or??? That looks so good I want to try one this weekend. Do you think breakfast sausage or maybe some hot italian sausage would taste best.
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Man, I'm hungry!! That looks good!
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I used a meat tenderizing mallet to flatten the chicken breast. Actually this was the toughest part for me, as I am kind of a bull in a china closet with delicate things (notorious for stripping bolts, jar lids, and such)...just go easy, and you should be fine. I think that if the plastic wrap is a little wet, it also helps, so the chicken breast will slide under it and not stick as it is getting flattened and consequently larger. I used a homemade breakfast sausage, but Italian sausage sounds good as well. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.

BBQ Eng.
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I've been known to spritz a (very light) touch of oil on the breast before pounding, though water works too. (Open up the wrap and check it every now and again that nothing is stuck.) Another trick is to go easy and be sure you are pounding equally all over the breast rather than in one spot.
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Kewl, thanks, gonna give it a shot this weekend.
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Yours looked great, and the italian sausage idea sounded good, too. I may just have to try some with sausage and some with Ital. sausage. It's not like I'm worried about my weight.......
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excellent... good job... love your gaurd dogs, i have a choc. lab to guard mine.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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