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1st butt bacon, came out good except...

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I did a couple butts with TQ and sugar. 7 days in the frig and smoked them with hickory and maple for 3 hours then cooked at 180-190 till 155 internal. Came out real good, almost tastes like bacon :)
Here's some that I coated with CBP all sliced and headed for the vac sealer

But heres the issue I got and was looking for someone to back up my opinion. While slicing up the last on I noticed a gray area in the center. To me it looks like the cure didn't make it to the center of that piece. First time I've seen this, what do you guys think?
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Dan I think your correct about the cure. I have done some hams and I use a brine that I inject them with then soak them 7 to 10 days. You might try that or just letting them go another day or two.
good luck
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That's some good looking bacon, Dan. I can't help you with what causes the gray area except as was already mentioned. Possibly not cured long enough.
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Nice job, Dan. I've never done that kind of bacon, but I do remember reading that grey in the middle is from the cure not reaching the center.
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Great lookin buckboard Dan , I think you're right on the cure thing , not long enough , but it shouldn't hurt much ... thinner slices taste closer to bacon and thicker more like ham .....nice job wink.gif
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That grey is not cured, no problem though since your temps were good.

I do those quite a bit with TQ. You can get a full cure in 3 - 4 days if you pump or inject before soaking. You will need to do a fry pan test for saltiness before smoking and possibly soak for a day if salty.

You did good.
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Real nice bacon Dan!!
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