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How many do we have from the Northeast??? - Page 2

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Don't know if it counts...but I am FROM the Northeast. Born and raised outside of Boston but now a resident of the Northwest, and specifically Seattle. Not a ton of smoking going on up here but I'm trying to represent as well as I can.
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Mid Coast Maine here... brisket, ribs and cheese
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Good deal fingerlakessmoker, next time killing season comes around you ought to see about getting a pound or 2 of the belly fat from your kid. Scarce around here. A few guys have it rarely but not many true butchers so they go quick. Hell, our local shoprite wouldn't even grind up some duck breast they had that I wanted to buy so I don't even deal with them anymore. Doubt they have good cuts of pork anyway. Guess I'll make the long trip to our closest buther shop.
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Killbuck NY here. That's about 50 miles South of Buffalo and in the ski country.
We really have no favorites....we love them all.

Enjoy the day.
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Kool Killbuck,
I spent a year at St. Boni's in the early 70's....probably some of the most beautiful country I've ever enjoyed..
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I'm originally from Syracuse but live outside of Philadelphia now. My fav thing to smoke is beef ribs. biggrin.gif

I have a bradley digital smoker for now.
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I live in Dover De

fridge and kamoda
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Victor, NY here. My kids love ribs & chicken so I do that the most. I have done two briskets with OK results. I have also done turkeys, whole chickens, and chicken wings.

Going to start a UDS build once the weather breaks, really looking forward to that!
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Hey, Folks!

Born and schooled in Maine, spent 27 years in Massachusetts and now livin' and lovin' in lovely Newark, Vermont right in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Newark is kind of hard to find on a lot of maps because there is no Post Office in Newark (Pop. 470). Building a nice little farm and working for the State Highway dept.

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Greetings from a suburb of Cleveland

Hello all, I’m born and raised in the greater Cleveland area and started smoking meats 1 year ago and I’m having a blast. Now that the cold and snowy weather is mostly behind us, I’ll start my smoker up. First thing this year is going to be a couple of fatties; I’m taking them to a brunch we’re going to. I’m using an Old Smokey Electric Smoker this works for me, IMHO it’s the greatest, and very simple to use, stays at 230 – 250 degrees with no problem I defiantly enjoy this smoker. This site is a very big plus with lots of good peeps that have a lot of smoking knowledge and you get it free for the asking. Search is your friend on this site. Ribs and pulled pork are my favorite, and a whole world of meats await me!

Thanks all
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Saugus, Mass here. I love to make baby backs and ABT's. Going to try a butt and a brisket this year.
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