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How many do we have from the Northeast???

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Hey all!

I am just curious to see how many us are from the Northeast and what your favorite item to smoke is...

Any pics of your smokers would be awsome too!
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hey Big, Syracuse, NY area here.
everything is good smoked, If i had to pick a favorite i'd have to say sausage.
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I'm a North East Smoker, North Andover, MA Hello to you. Are you or have you ever been a Railroad employee? I worked on the B&M in the late 70's. No affiliation now though.

Anyway Baby Back ribs are my favorite thing to smoke, followed closely by everything else. Here are a few smoker shots per your request. These are from the first smoker I got to the most recent.

My Char Broil Silver Smoker

The WSM and my prized Mini Reverse Flow Smoker

And new this weekend,...drum roll.... the yet to be finished UDS! Seen here waiting for its first taste of charcoal!

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it.
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I'm more from the north, Cleveland, O. I don't have a favorite yet. Butts are close to the top followed by ribs and chuckies. Also make a lot or fresh and smoked sausage.

Inside the garage for cold smokes and sausage.

Outside for everything else

smoke on
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there seems to be some east coasters here, welcome from the middle of the midwest
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Another from Syracuse here .
I seem to do ribs most often.
My favorite was the one brisket I did
looking forward to my next one.

Latest pic I have . All that wonderfull white stuff is now
a wet muddy mess rolleyes.gif

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Hey everyone.
Checking in from South Jersey here. Favorite thing to smoke? Well, that's another kind of forum, but my favorite meat to smoke is turkey legs though I have recently bocome such a fan of pepper shooter armadillo eggs. Our local shoprite has cheese bars, olive bars, different fancy things like that with fresh burschettas and other items so I can buy however many shooters I need (otherwise they come in a jar) wrap them in sausage and smoke 'em for about an hour and a half. Just make sure to eat over a napkin or plate because of all the delicious juices that are trapped inside.
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Just curious, but were you lost in your own backyard in this picture?
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Naw , just trying out some new bindings on the snowshoes while warming up the smoker .
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Hello from Old Bridge NJ

Holy Smokes here from Old Bridge NJ via Brooklyn NY.
My favorite thing to smoke is Ribs, following in a very close 2nd are fatties.
I've conjured up the nerve to try a brisket.
I'll post it when I do.

Here some pics of my setup:

Here's my latest addition. (I cant wait to fire this one up!)

Take care,
Holy Smokes, AKA Kevin
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Connecticut here....

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Coastal Maine Here-

Smoking on the coast of Maine- mostly ribs and chicken-but do a bunch of cheese as well
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Pittsburgh, PA here.............New UDS user..........And it works great!
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N.W. NJ here.

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OOhhh!!! the Ginormous Three Story Multi Stage ProQ!! Nice. Let us know how well that does for you!!
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checking in from just outside of boston
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Long Island here...
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Sayville, Long island checking in. Favorite smoke...... pulled pork,fatties,ribs, brisket,chicken, meatloaf, pork loin, pig candy, chili, cheese, peppers, tomatoes, bacon, and soon...... homemade sausages. Equipment is 2 offset tin cans from Charbroil a Webber Smokey Joe and a non purist cookshack Amerique on order due to deliver by months end.
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Maryland ( I know it's more mid-atlantic by 'category', but close enough ) icon_smile.gif

We love smoking pulled pork & beef as well as doing our own beef jerky & pepperoni sticks ........ Oh, and smoked salmon, smoked bluefish, fatties, brisket, buck board bacan, and pig candy, and garlic, and onions ....... I feel like bubba gump here folks!
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Mendon NY here- just south of Rochester. Newbie to smoking. Favorites to smoke so far are sausages,pulled pork, ribs and chicken. My son raises free range chickens and pigs, so I have a good meat source.
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