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honey rub brisket smoke

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well i prepped my brisket flat last night with some honey and lantana of texas all purpose. Let it site over night in the frig and it is now in the smoker. I am useing hickory for this one. I forgot to get a pic when i foiled it but it should be done in about 2 hrs. If u haven't tried honey for a base on your rub, give it a shot. let the meat get to room temp or close to. it makes it eazier to rub around if it is to cold the honey tends to roll. the taste really comes through. but not overbearing in my opinion. will post up pics of it sliced

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Good looking brisket. Looking forward to the finished Qview.
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here is finished pics. Everyone luved it and there was none left. but i know i have had better. I think the main factor was it was only a flat and the local butcher here trimmed all the fat cap off. I will definetly only do whole packers from now on. It's funny when everyone luvs your food but u know u can do better...

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I think that's a personal standard that should apply to all parts of our lives. Set your standards higher than everyone's expectations and you will always get better at anything you do.

Nice looking brisket, by the way. I think you will find that the fat cap will do the trick next time, but if you still can't find a packer when you go to do another one, several strips of thick bacon layered across the top is a decent alternative when cooking a trimmed flat.
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thanks..i like the idea on the bacon. but i can get packers from wally world. this 1 i had gotten from a local meat processor and all he had were flats....the quality of meat was GREAT. just want a packer next time and will trim how i see fit.
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I have switched cooking all my flats in foil pan with onion slices, about a inch thick,which hodls brisket off bottom, and pouring in a cup of low salt beef broth for braising liquid.Once i get enough smoke penetration i cover foil pan with aluminum foil and pull at 205.I food process the onions in with my brisket juice for dipping sauce.It has tenderized my flats, but i am a 9-12 pound packer guy.My 2 cents.
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Interesting concept, and very nice looking Q. Congrats on a great smoke!
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I agree...a packer is the way ta go.
Nice job on the leftovers is definitely a sign of a great smoke!!!
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Nice looking brisket
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Looks great, nice job! Never would have thought of putting honey on beef for some reason.
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