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Double size pizza fattie - Qview

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Last time we did a few fatties, we decided that next time we would try a double size one to see if we could stuff more in it. So, here we go,,,

Some of the ingredients. I forgot to show the pepperoni and some other stuff. But, it's in there.

Ready to roll it. Man is it stuffed!

The fattie rolled.

And, starting the weave.

Ready to roll. That should give you an idea how big this thing is. That is full size strips of bacon and they won't totally reach around it.

And now, everything in the smoker.

Be back later with an update.
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Don't let Pizza Hut see that one! Looks like the makings of some great Q for any game in town/tube.
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Now that's a fattie !!!! Great job !
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Looks amazing!
Nice job with the stuffing. Can't wait to see when it is all finished.
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new meaning to FATTIE !!!
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OK, fattie is done. This turned out fantastic! My only though for next time is I really do want to spread out the ingredients over maybe half of the meat. Other than that, I don't think I would make any changes. I definitely like the double size better. I can get more fillings in the same amount of meat.

First up, the finished full double size fattie.

Next, the first slice comes off. As you can see, the cheese is really only on one side. So, next time I know, spread that out a little better.

I have a pork butt still going, but it is going to be done soon also. So, it was a great smoke today. Even with gusty winds, rain, and a temp around 40.
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Great job, that fattie looks excellent!
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good looken fatty thanks for the qview
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