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Butt and baby backs - QView

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Well, son is home from college for spring break. Got a request for baby backs and a fattie. But I can't fire up the smoker without doing at least one butt. So, here we go.

Butt marinated overnight in red wine, apple juice and a bunch o spices.

Here are the spices.

The butt, ribs, and spices.

The butt and a bunch of the spices ground up and ready.

The butt rubbed!

Ribs with the membrane removed. Use a different spice on each rack. One got Adobo and one got Southwest. I then added my own concoction on top.

And, everything in the smoker.

Be back later with more pics.
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Wow, you're off to a smokin' start!
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It all looks awesome man !!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like your off to a good start! Must be a good kid if comes home wants Que
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can't wait to see then end product
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It sucks it takes 12 hours to cook... I want to see it now!!!
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Looks like a great start to a yummy meal. Hope to see some pics of the finished products.
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OK, first update. The ribs are done, and almost gone by now. The butt is still going but is almost done also. Not sure I will post any pics of that tonight. But we'll see.

Here are the ribs just finishing up on the grill. I got them a little too tender. Really falling apart.

Then, what is left after dinner.

I have to say, these were the best baby backs I have ever done. I use Captain Morgans and apple juice as a spritzer. I did one rack with Adobo seasoning and one with Southwest and added some of my own blend on top of that. The adobo was better.

I will try to post the pics of the butt later tonight or tomorrow.
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Everything looks delicious so far. biggrin.gif

I buy from Penzeys too.
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Good looking smoke. Sometimes I have a hard time getting pics of the finished product too. rolleyes.gif
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No one wants to wait while I take pics. Everyone already thinks I'm crazy for taking food pics anyway! And then, the counter was so messy, I wanted to get in close to crop that stuff out and it didn't focus well. Oh well, better luck next time on the pics. But the ribs were fantastic! Really, the first set that I can say hands down, better than anything I have had in a restaurant.
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